Afro-Vegan PopUp Dinner @ Alaska

Alaska and Rosa Negra Vegan Catering presents:

Afro-Vegan PopUp Dinner I : „The diaspora’s culinary legacy“
Brazilian Edition: Moqueca Baiana

The menu:
-Potato and champignon moqueca
-Brown rice
-Garden salad
-Farofa de dendê
Dessert: Mouse de Maracujá com calda

Ps: Drinks not included!

Pre-sale: 9€
At the 17th: 10 €


„Afro-Vegan PopUp Dinner“ is a series of „Afro-Vegan“ dinners focused on the culinary legacy brought by the black-african enslaved people to the American continent, during the forced diaspora that happened during the XVI and XIX century.

Almost all the information about our ancestry and past culture was destroyed, erased and taken from us. We do not know our old family names and from where exactly our family tree comes from, except from the point where farmers and slave owners began to give us their family names, once we were their property.

But at least some eating habits have been kept, while adjusting to the new displaced’s reality.


The first edition of our series, where we will celebrate the fusion of ingredients of what is now known as „Angola“ brought to nowdays „Salvador de Bahia“, and the local ingredients found in what is now known as the Brazilian territory. 

Moqueca is a Brazilian recipe based on fish stew, tomatoes, onions, garlic and coriander. Slowly cooked in coconut milk, bell-pepers and spices, our vegan version is replaced by potatoes, champignon and seaweed. 

The accompaniments of the dish also includes „Farofa de dendê“ made from cassava flour, ingredient that was already part of the eating habits of the pre-colonialism local residents, as well as garden salad and brown rice.

Not least, a very Brazilian and tropical dessert will be served (included in the dinner price): Passion fruit mousse with fruit citric jam on top.