AyA Tacos Pop-Up at Lipopette

Dear Taco lovers,

It’s happening again. On Wednesday April 26th we’re gonna provide you and your friends with some spicy mexican flavours. So drop by after work/school/afternoon-nap and get delighted!

Since almost all of you already tried our classic Tacos Al Pastor we want to give a new glimpse into mexican (not only street) food.
We’ll prepare another classic mexican street taco called Suadero – a taco filled with tender beef, onions and cilantro.

Another world premiere at AyA Tacos will be Mole. If you don’t know what to expect just try it, it is worth it.

So this time the menu looks like this:


๐ŸŒฎ Tacos de Suadero (gently roasted beef in a corn tortilla with fresh onion and cilantro)

Plate of three = 5.50 โ‚ฌ
Menu = 8.50 โ‚ฌ (served with a small bowl of Refried Beans and Pico De Gallo)

๐ŸŒฎ Vegan Tacos (sweet potato, mushrooms, mango, onion, cilanto and avocado slices)

Plate of three = 5.00 โ‚ฌ
Menu = 8.00 โ‚ฌ (served with a small bowl of Refried Beans and Pico De Gallo)

๐ŸŒฎ Mole Negro (Chicken in a spicy chocolate marinade accompanied by mexican vegetable rice) = 8.50 โ‚ฌ

๐ŸŒฎ Tรญa Rosas Refried Beans (bowl filled with delicious homemade black beans served with feta, Pico De Gallo and Nachos)

Big Bowl = 4.50 โ‚ฌ


Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell his grandmother!