Burgers & Hip Hop – Korean edition!

KOREA RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME!! Burgers & Hip Hop is backk in October joining forces with Exit No9 for a one-off 버거 & 힙합 KOREAN SPECIAL!! In true SEOUL CITY style, KREAM brings HONGDAE to BURGERS & HIP HOP!!!

Pojangmacha STYLE BURGERS + SEOUL FOOD SPECIALS 🍔🍶🍳🍪🍡🍲 in the yard w/ 

.. YamYam Berlin – korean cuisine .. Hanok .. Felicitas Then .. CHILEES ..Son Kitchen .. Sam Yuk Gu .. Butter Bronson’s 

+ Hoodoo cookies & Zwei Dicke Bären

SOJU drinking at the bar and the sickest HIP HOP in Berlin!! 🔥🔥🔥

Ngoc Lan x Beathoavenz & Monsieur Dope x Dj Kisa x DJ PAM BAM xJJΔQ / JJAQ x Manric de Mesa x Dodo x ALEX GALLUS

2€ before 21h (no re-entry!)
10€ after 21h.