Culinary Germany // Dining Experience

SATELLITE BERLIN invites to a unique dinner as part of our think tank VITAL FORCES – FOOD IN CONTEXT, bringing to a close the first of three topics, ‚Eating culture through the ages‘, researched in 2017. This eight-course-menu is a culinary journey though Germany, exploring how and why different regions have varying tendencies and influences and accompanied with wondrous stories and philosophical bites.

German cuisine is influenced heavily by the neighboring countries, as well as migration, immigration and occupation. Historic events and geographic peculiarities formed specific characteristics and traditions of regional eating cultures and tastes, and some of them seemed to be forgotten.

Within our ongoing research project, Kit and Inés will deliver an unforgettable culinary experience, defining some rediscovered old recipes with a fresh approach and a new interpretation.

65,00 € 8 course menu*
25,00 € Drink pairing *

* We are using fresh, regional and possible organic produce from small farms and manufactures.

* Pairing is optional. Drinks can be ordered by glass.
All wines, beers, as well as sparkling wine and digestives are selected carefully and are handcrafted and from Germany)

Attendance is only possible by RSVP and prepayment until 23.4.2017, seats are – as usual – limited.

Location and further information will be announced through email to our guests.

We are very much looking forward celebrating with you!!