DIY Probiotic Fruit Vinegars

Fermentation is quickly becoming a lost art, but it is being reclaimed as an energy-efficient, food preservation technique, rooted in our cultural past that provides a unique approach to whole-food nutrition, taste, and art through a multi-sensual experience (taste, feel, smell, sound *pop* *fizz* *eeeeeiii*, and sight).

This workshops focus is on VINEGAR! The real thing (i.e. probiotic) – great for adding to those special dishes, salad dressings, digestive shots, sparkling drinking vinegars and more.

Discover the importance of good bacteria and the difference probiotics have on our bodies. Learn how making probiotic foods and incorporating them into our diet is not as difficult as we may think. This workshop includes a probiotic snack bar, information about our microbiome and beyond, and a DIY fruit vinegar station.

– Bring: Curious taste buds, and a jar or two to create and take home custom made probiotic-fruit-vinegar –