Fermented Dips, Sauces, and Spreads from around the World

By Edible Alchemy CoLaboratory
Beans, nuts and Seeds are a protein-rich, nutritious and affordable part of a vegan / raw (or not) diet. Learn our secrets for making these foods into dips and spreads that are easy to digest and packed with flavour and nutriants. In an anti-bacterial age, fermentation is quickly becoming a lost art. We are here to reclaim it as an energy efficient food-preservation technique which is rooted in our cultural histories. We are captivated and inspired by the way fermented foods engage our senses and enhance whole food eating..
Our events are INTERACTIVE and INFORMATIVE. Through taste, touch, sight, smell, discussion and hands on making we will explore the fascinating microbiological processes that turn beans, nuts and seeds into probiotic cheezes, sauces, spreads and dips from around the world.

We will take a trip around the world in tastes of fermented condiments and there will be a DIY making station so everyone can go home with their very own creation.