Flying Pig: Pecel Lele

* the Flying Pig is a speakeasy restaurant in Friedrichshain serving 10 – 14 people in a social friendly way. Comment on the page or PM us to book a seat and we’ll send you the details.

I started my adventures with Indonesian food last year, Syennie took me to Mobuhay restaurant where she ordered Pecel Lele. A fish fried so deeply that the skin and bones were golden brown, edible, and completely delicious.

I was completely hooked, and with Syennie’s help I’ve been working on my version of the dish and eating a A LOT of catfish. Here’s a video of it from a street food vlog.


I love this dish, it’s delicious and completely different to how we eat in Europe. So come try it with us!

Price 15€

Sayur Asam, sweet and sour tamerind soup with corn on the cob.

1-2 Lele catfish with a fresh seasonal salad, steamed rice, homemade sambal, a chunk of fried tempeh and crispy tofu.

Traditional Indonesian Banana dessert


Bring your own bottles, we’ll provide glasses.

We also have free indonesian tea, good quality coffee and iced water. For those who want it we have Bintang beer (indonesian) that you can buy from us for 3€.

** The photo is from my experimenting so what we have will be different (and better)