Food Freak. Polish Thursday Dinner by Michał Gniłka @ Reform

Geil, weil: Die Polish Thursday Dinner sind stadtbekannt und begehrter als eine Flasche Wasser um 6 Uhr morgens im Club. Zu wechselnden Themenschwerpunkten wird ein beeindruckendes polnisches Menü serviert, diesmal von Chef Michał Gniłka. 

Das sagt Polish Thursday Dinner: 

We invite you to another special Thursday Dinner with one of most terrific and experminetal polish chefs Michał Gniłka.

We willl introduce you to the finest polish flavors on yuor plate and in your glass.

Our dinner will take place in a wonderful studio Reform in Kreuzberg.

We will serve our dishes on excellent polish porcelain.

MENU 55€
(excluding drinks)

Kiszony topinambur i burak tęczowy / Musztarda z dyni / Pate z pasternaka / Lawenda w tempurze
Fermented sunchoke and rainbow beets / Pumpkin mustard / Parsnip pate / Tempura of lavender flowers

Ciepła sałatka z grzybów / Mikro groszek / Czipsy gryczane / Żel z szczawiku zajęczego
Warm mushroom salad / Micro pea shoots / Buckwheat chips / Oxalis gel

Consommé z żółtych buraków / Mini kopytka / Oliwa koperkowa
Yellow beetroot consommé / Mini kopytka dumplings / Dill olive oil

Dynia makaronowa w estragonie/ Pomidory w werbenie / Rukiew wodna 
Spaghetti squash in tarragon / Verbena tomatoes / Watercress

Lody jałowca i mleka laskowego / Kompot sous-vide z koszteli i świeżych listków laurowych / Majerankowy plaster „miodu” / Orzechy brazylijskie
Juniper berries and hazel nuts milk ice creams / Sous-vide compote of kosztela apple and fresh bay leaf / Marjoram „Honey comb” / Brazilian nuts


Michał about himself:
First and foremost I’m a food freak. I remember when I was eight, I cut a mask out of a cardboard so that I could reheat some food left in the fridge. At that point my head was the height of the stove and I didn’t want the sputtering hot oil to burn my face, while I was mesmerized by the culinary creations taking shape in the frying pan. 
I cooked constantly growing up and when I was in my early 20’s I met a great friend and an amazing chef trained in Cordon Bleu system, who taught me comprehensively the classic techniques of cooking, the perfect base to springboard from French technique. 
Eleven years ago, after few months spent in China, I left Poland and lived between Mexico and London, soaking up new cultures and flavors. 
Throughout those years I enjoyed cooking tremendously, but I made my living from my other passion – photography. 
As a photographer I moved between reportage, art, fashion and music photography. Published in music scene magazine TECHNO PARTY and MILK MAGAZINE amongst numerous editorials for A4, ACTIVIST, KMAG, CODIGO 06140,MEXICO MONTHLY and commercial work for clients such American Apparel or Nike. 
In the last 7 years I started to focus more on my cheffing work, it seemed a natural transition from one form of art to another. Whilst in London I started to work as a chef transitioning between boutique kitchens preparing food for farmers markets, through to organic restaurants and high end catering ventures. 
The most interesting was a time spent preparing food on movie’s sets. My delicious creations were tasted by Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron, Brad Pitt among many others.
2012 to 2013 I was based in Mexico where I fell profoundly in love with the food and the people there.
Travelling and cooking from the tropical south east to dry deserts of the north, I was hired as a private chef for many clients in their homes as well as working market food kitchens and modern Mexican restaurants like EL ORIGEN – OAXACA.
Last summer of 2013 I’ve spent in Poland working on a pop-up restaurant called HOLA LOLA. I was so happy to show my fellow Poles that real Mexican food is rarely about burrito or fajitas. This resulted in successful and beautifully shot collaboration with magazine SMAK and a series of secret dinners, culminating with exclusively previewing a Polish and Mexican fusion concept at FESTIVAL OFF 
The end of 2013 brought me to Bali, where I have been working as a menu consultant for a number of independent high quality restaurants: REVOLVER ESPRESSO AT GANG 51, SEA CIRCUS, SVARGA LOCA, LA FAVELA. It has also been the perfect place for me to further my growth spiritually leading me to begin to consciously combine all these interests and philosophies into my food.
As a vegetarian/vegan for the past few years I see my future holds an amazing journey into the world of plants. I feel like a sailor setting out to discover new worlds. Traditional cuisine has been exhaustively explored where as plant food is an unknown territory by the modern world; there is much to be gained on indigenous population’s medicinal use of. The alphabet of plant foods is immensely broader than the one of animal origin. Hence the language yet to be created will be amazingly rich and interesting. It’s time to stop translating old flesh dishes into vegan/vegetarian ones and start creating this new language. The time is right for a modern chef shaman to arrive!
I have been exploring and joining together different health food systems like Ayurveda, Macrobiotic, Raw, Paleo, and Dissociated Diet. I don’t believe any of these diets on their own are perfect. There are too many impermanent conditions –like body type, age, climate, etc. What drives me in my work is an ability to make sense out of this all and come up with delicious yet healthy creations. Working with energy and intention is another area of my interests, we already know how water can change it’s molecular structure according to emotions around it. Food contains water and brings life force into our bodies. From the bottom of my heart I’m seeding my love, good energy and pure thoughts into my food. Love from the Chef Shaman.