Isla Dinner #1 – 52.5 / 13.4 „Geranium“

We at Isla very excited to invite you to the first dinner in our „52.5/13.4“ dinner series, „Geranium“. This is just one of our several upcoming efforts to spread the message of harmonious gastronomy.

Our new chef Isabella has been around the block and is going to flex her farm-to-table muscle, with a vegetable-focused three course meal. 

Isla family member Ido will be bringing the boozy goodness with his original cocktails, integrating circularity principles into their design. 

A small wine selection from Viniculture and beer from Motel will round out the selection. 

38€ gets you 3 courses and a tasty glass of wine. Cash bar.

To reserve a spot (or two) send us a message and we will get back to you with bank details.