Pickled | A sustainable dinner event

We have been hard at work in the kitchen and are excited to invite you all to our dinner event, Pickled.

After meeting through the world that is the Berlin bread, brunch & coffee scene, Peter from Isla, Kathe from Levian & Amanda from Kaffeebar realised that they were all on the same page when it came to attempting to minimise waste and be more sustainable in their businesses. As the discussions evolved, so did a desire to put on show a product of what a ‚low waste‘ model could look like. This dinner is the result.

We have taken waste products, or simply products not being used to their full potential, from our everyday businesses and designed a menu that turns them into delicious, appealing food. Whether it be the small bit of steamed milk leftover from each cappuccino, the pulp from our fresh juices, or ends of loaves of bread, each course incorporates items such as these with fresh, regional vegetables and gives them new life. You could look at it as cooking from the rubbish bin; or rather attempting to eliminate the need for one in the first place. We prefer the latter 🙂

The event is a 3 course, sit down dinner including a paired cocktail. Natural wine will be served by the glass by Florian from Ladidadi Wines. Tickets are 29€ per person (not including wine), and places are limited, so get in quick!

To get your spot drop into either cafe, or email
amanda@kaffeebar-berlin.com or

Looking forward to sharing a meal with you!