Shabbat@Yafo: Krakow meets Berlin // Brunch

Yafo (Berlin) and Cheder (Krakow) are going to make you a very unique Polish-Israeli-German Shabbat!
We’re going to cook a special brunch set, which will prove that Polish Jewish grandma’s cooking can be the best comfort food you’ve ever eaten. We’ll also serve you an original selection of oriental, Israeli, Greek, Turkish, East Euro groove and psych by Polish & local DJs.

Come over, share our Shabbat table and enjoy the fusion of flavors and sounds which connects Berlin, Krakow & Yafo!

Knishes with onion & poppy seed
Wild herb salad
White bean spread with Polish smoked plums
Green pea spread with pumkin seed oil
Carrot tzimmes
Homemade cherry jam with cottage cheese
Kissel (a jelly desert)
Challah & bread

Culinary Arts by Sabina Francuz (PL)
Vinyl selection by Tomasz Jurecki (PL) & Felix Offermann (DE)

Free entrance

Organized by Krakow Jewish Culture Festival & Cheder & Yafo

Project supported by the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation


Cheder is a coffee shop and cultural center located in Kazimierz (a Jewish district of Krakow), run by Krakow Jewish Culture Festival. In 2015 Cheder launched a cycle of Shabbat morning meetings with a special brunch sets inspired by Jewish cuisine from all over the world and with live DJ sets (mixlcoud). Shabbat @ Cheder are a thing in Krakow. They gather everybody who appreciates authentic and simple food, good music and want to connect with their friends and chill out.

This time, in cooperation with Cheder’s soul-mate – Yafo, we are bringing the food, the music and the vibe of Krakow’s Saturdays to Berlin and blend it with Middle Eastern energy of Yafo.

The brunch set we are going to serve in Yafo is inspired by a Yiddish vegetarian cookbook published in 1938, with 400 recipes of traditional Jewish dishes in vegetarian versions only. Its author, Fania Lewando, was the owner of a popular vegetarian restaurant in Vilnius, Lithuania, a noted nutrition advocate and founder of a “dietary school” that taught Jewish women healthy cooking techniques.