Sound Food #025 w/ Wild Rose-moving food

Sound Food is Noize Fabrik’s weekly community lunch series. Every Wednesday we invite professional chefs to prepare a wholesome, plant-based lunch meal and give you a chance to meet and mingle with other fellow creative co-workers and freelancers.

Roos from Wild Rose – moving food is back at Noize Fabrik to cook us a seasonal meal with only local and organic products.

TODAY’S MENU – 26.04.

Spring on a plate:

Carrot and beetroot curry with tahini sauce, basmati and wild rice

Radish salad with ginger, lemon and fresh herbs

It is the perfect opportunity to experience Noize Farbik’s co-working community as we are offering our special „SoundFood“ Day passes for all first time visitors – come and spend a day at Noize Fabrik, enjoy a delicious vegan meal and network for just 10€!

€ 7,50 Sound Food Meal
€ 10,00 Sound Food Meal + Noize Fabrik Day Pass