Summer Polish Dinner x Rosengarten

Dears! Lets gather at Rosegarden, one of my favorite places in Berlin and have a summer dinner under the sky and the stars, surrounded by roses and trees, let’s talk, eat, drink in the middle of a garden!
the menu will be a mix of summer fruits, vegetables and refreshing local and seasonal ingriedients from Poland and around Berlin
created by Donald Borkowski-Blaszczyk and Julia Bosski von Poniatoski

MENU (price/Person 35euro )
1.Cold beetroot soup (Chłodnik) with yoghurt-horseradish foam, fresh cucumber and radish, beet-raspberry cracker, cured egg yolk

2.young potatoes, ghurkens, fresh herbs,dill- youghurt mayo, sourdough bread from BONA Kollektiv

3.lemon- butter ,polish gnocchi, sage, thyme, polish ricotta

4.doughnut with beetroot-apple marmalaade, icing, chocolate „sand“, strawberry-rhubarb mousse and sponge beetroot-raspberry cake, fresh mint

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